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Why qualifyme.edu.au is not up to its name

Disqualify Me Fast in Australia

Many people are unhappy with their current work so most look to go to other countries to look for better luck and better living. But to be able to work for those employers, a jobseeker must get a certificate to work in Australia for future career development. Many institutions come up to certify people to get jobs and most are doing just fine with the recruitment and short courses process in Australia.

One such institution that got my attention is qualifyme.edu.au. It is unwise it is to get a certificate from them. Imagine having at least five years of minimum experience as plumbers for example. They also ask for your current employment contract, photos and videos of work. This does not make it a short course at all since one requirement takes a long time to have.

Why you should NOT use Qualifyme, because they Disqualify and offer lousy jobs and take your money

If they ask for five years of local experience as a minimum requirement, why would you still train under them? That length of time is enough to make you a senior and become the person who oversees the work of the juniors. Five years also guarantee that most people have established themselves and are comfortable in their local area, so why move out? Friends and family are there. There won’t be much of career development this way since work has already been done for at least five years. Corporate training would NOT be needed that much. It would be like taking students taught by others as their own, a Recognition of prior learning. Asking for a current employment contract is also absolute nonsense. Why try to get out of your current work? The main reason why most job seekers want to qualify for work in Australia is that their current countries have unemployment issues. Finding a current working contract is a great difficulty if that is the case. Photos and videos are also out of the question. Most buildings and houses like to keep their inner working kept in secret. The agencies most likely to ask for those would be FIRE and SAFETY. Plumbers do not usually bring cameras to work. If pictures are available, that would also be company property, confidentiality and takes some effort to obtain. If a person is a good employee, the boss will take every step to retain him and his services. He might be offered a raise in salary or a better position. That would compose the professional development and is usually a very good way to get a job promotion in Australia.